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Topic: Body Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery Guide: Part 1

Female student at workplace

When considering weight loss surgery, the amount of information available on the internet can be overwhelming.  From choosing the right surgeon to finding the perfect procedure, there are so many choices that it can become a hindrance in your quest for healthy living. We’ve created this guide to help you understand the basics of bariatric… Read more »

Finding Your Health Through Bariatric Surgery

Excited Man Clenching Fist While Using Weight Scale

Bariatric Surgery is a life-changing experience. From the outward changes to the inward empowerment, you’ll notice improvements within yourself that you never imagined. One thing we tell our patients during an initial consultation is that bariatric weight loss surgery isn’t just a quick fix for losing weight. It’s a catapult toward a healthier lifestyle. As… Read more »

Lifestyle Changes after Weight Loss Surgery

Beautiful woman making orange juice

After weight loss surgery, patients begin losing weight at a very rapid pace. Whether you choose gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, lap band, or Realize band, your body has new demands. Here are some of the lifestyle changes that will help you achieve maximum success after weight loss surgery. The most difficult change that patients report… Read more »

Gastric Sleeve Procedure: Information & Recovery

Brunette choosing fabric skeins

Dr. Frenzel is a dual fellowship trained surgeon in bariatric weight loss surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery.  With extensive experience performing the gastric sleeve procedure, Dr. Frenzel works with customers to determine the best surgery for bariatric patients. The gastric sleeve surgery is relatively new and increasing in popularity.  Patients who have undergone gastric sleeve… Read more »

Bariatric Patient Success Stories & Tips

Group of Skiers

Bariatric weight loss surgery changes patients physically, emotionally, and mentally.  From the obvious weight loss to improvements with obesity-related illnesses, the physical benefits of undergoing the gastric sleeve procedure speak for themselves.  But one advantage that is most surprising to patients is the changes that occur mentally. Imagine waking up each morning unable to easily… Read more »

Improving Your Health After Weight Loss Surgery

Pretty Woman makes a choice between bad food

Weight loss surgery is not a flippant decision.  It requires a financial commitment, a lifestyle change, a dietary commitment, and mental changes.  During the beginning phases of consultations and pre-surgery appointments, you learn about the necessary steps you’ll have to take post-surgery. Many prospective patients are terrified of the required diet post-surgery.  The biggest concern… Read more »

Gastric Bypass Patient Testimonials

Dr. Frenzel works with a wide range of patients across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to achieve lasting weight loss.  From lap band surgery to gastric bariatric surgeries, there are numerous methods available to help patients reach their weight loss goals. When dieting and exercising don’t produce results, consider the benefits of bariatric weight loss.  This… Read more »

Lap Band Patient Success Stories

*Actual weight loss results may vary based on the individual. Lap band weight loss surgery is a highly used approach in fighting obesity.  Surgeons use this completely reversible method to help patients lose weight quickly.  Candidates for the lap band procedure are those who are at least 18 years old, have experienced past failures with… Read more »

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Patient Testimonial

With years of experience and training, Dr. Frenzel is the leader in bariatric weight loss surgery.  One of the most popular bariatric surgery is the gastric sleeve procedure.  Gastric sleeve, also known as the sleeve gastrectomy, rivals the gastric bypass for weight loss, but does not have some of the possible complications of the gastric… Read more »

Understanding the Process of Bariatric Surgery

Many prospective patients put off weight loss surgery due to a lack of information on the procedures available.  Dr. Frenzel and his staff at Advanced Bariatric Surgery want to help inform patients of the process of bariatric surgery. If you are wondering if you are qualified for one of the bariatric surgeries, including gastric band,… Read more »


*Actual weight loss results may vary based on the individual.

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