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Topic: Body Surgery

Gastric Bypass Bariatric Surgery: Beyond Weight Loss

As the gold standard for weight loss surgery, gastric bypass offers obese patients with life changing physical, mental, and emotional benefits.  Patients who have undergone gastric bypass report back to Dr. Frenzel that not only do they look better, but they feel better from a general health standpoint. Dr. Frenzel is a dual fellowship trained… Read more »

How Lap Band Bariatric Surgery Can Save Your Life

Lap Band is a bariatric weight loss procedure designed with an adjustable gastric band for significant weight loss.  Many patients who proceed with bariatric surgery choose this method because it is one of the safest and minimally invasive weight loss surgeries available. If you are like one of the many Americans struggling with weight loss,… Read more »

Post-Bariatric Thigh Lift Procedure

Dr. Frenzel has double fellowship training in bariatric weight loss surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery.  With an abundance of education and training, Dr. Frenzel is able do something unique—work with patients from the initial weight loss consultation all the way through the post-bariatric body contouring process. If have undergone weight loss surgery and are left… Read more »

Advantages of Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric weight loss surgery offers a complete transformation—body, health, and lifestyle.  The changes patients experience are oftentimes life changing.  Whether it’s improving and resolving diabetes, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol or improving mental health and energy levels, bariatric surgery provides numerous benefits to patients looking to lose a large amount of weight. There are numerous… Read more »

Health Benefits of Undergoing Weight Loss Surgery

Many patients approach weight loss surgery looking to transform their body.  However, it is crucial to understand the health benefits of bariatric surgery.  If you suffer from diabetes, sleep apnea, or another obesity-related illness, losing weight fast can help you win back your life.  Consider the health benefits of bariatrics. Dr. Frenzel is a dual-fellowship… Read more »

Gastric Bypass Information and Testimonial

Gastic bypass is a bariatric weight loss surgery designed to help people struggling with obesity.  If you are at least 50 pounds overweight and diet and exercise methods are not showing results in your weight loss efforts, consider the benefit of gastric bypass. This surgery is designed to restrict food intake and promote food malabsorption. … Read more »

Realize Band Bariatric Weigh Loss Surgery Benefits

With dual fellowship training in bariatric surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Frenzel offers a unique ability to provide patients with a complete transformation, beginning with weight loss surgery.  As technology advances, more bariatric procedures become a health and viable means of losing weight quickly. If you need to lose 50 pounds or more, the… Read more »

Band to Sleeve Conversion Procedure Testimonial

At Advanced Bariatric Surgery, Dr. Frenzel works with patients to lose weight and feel confident.  To ensure that patients have the best results, sometimes a band to sleeve conversion is necessary.  One patient, Christy, went through this conversion process, and has seen beautiful results. Christy received the lap band remove and went continued with bariatric… Read more »

Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery Testimonial

There are several weight loss surgical options available to patients who struggle with obesity.  If you are considering bariatric surgery, don’t just research the details of the surgery, listen to the stories of former patients. Abram is a patient at Advanced Bariatric Surgery.  He scheduled a consultation with Dr. Frenzel and after discussing all of… Read more »

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and Acid Reflux Surgery

Obesity affects a significant percentage of Americans.  With poor eating habits and an inactive lifestyle, it does not take long for the body to become bombarded with toxins, chemicals, and other detriments.  As obesity begins to set it, other health problems begin to arise. One such issue is acid reflux.  Gastroesophageal reflux disease can be… Read more »


*Actual weight loss results may vary based on the individual.

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