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Topic: Nutrition

Eating Restrictions After Weight Loss Surgery

For many weight loss surgery candidates, one of the biggest fears is how to eat properly after surgery.  The new restrictions on the stomach limit food intake and leave patients feeling satisfied on only a few ounces of food. Recovering from bariatric surgery means that eating habits must change.  And that can be a daunting… Read more »

Post-Bariatric Health and Lifestyle Tips

Bariatric surgery transforms patients and provides hope for a long and healthy life.  It’s important for patients to be educated regarding the effects of bariatric surgery.  Here are some health and lifestyle tips to help prepare you for the transformation process. Many patients who undergo weight loss surgery are on medications.  After surgery, prescription and… Read more »

The Benefits of Undergoing Acid Reflux Surgery

Heartburn affects people in different degrees of pain.  If you have chronic heartburn, you know just how painful it can be—keeping you up at night, burning your esophagus, etc.  Acid reflux, if not treated, can create serious problems to your digestive system. Dr. Frenzel, dual fellowship trained in bariatric weight loss surgery and cosmetic plastic… Read more »

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and Acid Reflux Surgery

Obesity affects a significant percentage of Americans.  With poor eating habits and an inactive lifestyle, it does not take long for the body to become bombarded with toxins, chemicals, and other detriments.  As obesity begins to set it, other health problems begin to arise. One such issue is acid reflux.  Gastroesophageal reflux disease can be… Read more »

Maintaining Healthy Eating Habits During the Holiday Season

Staying healthy can be a difficult habit to maintain if you have struggled with weight fluctuations in the past. After bariatric surgery, certain eating habits are necessary to create in order to achieve maximum weight loss results. As you enter the holiday season, don’t find yourself surrounded by temptations. Make healthy choices and be open… Read more »

Try this recipe! Thai Spiced Chicken

No more bland chicken breasts! This recipe combines simple seasonings and spices to make a tasty, high protein muscle building meal. Ingredients 6 chicken breasts cut in half 350g/12oz natural non-fat or low-fat yogurt 2-3 tbsp Thai red curry paste 4 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro 7.5 cm/3 inch piece cucumber Lime wedges and salad greens… Read more »

Weight Loss Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

Losing weight and keeping it off is more than a magic pill—unfortunately.  Eating right and exercising regularly are a crucial aspect of health and wellness.  When you experience difficulties maintaining your weight loss goals, consider the following tips for staying motivated and on track. The first rule of thumb is planning.  We cannot get anywhere… Read more »

Processed Foods and Making Healthy Eating Choices

Eating healthy can be an extremely difficult task with the many new ingredients and groceries at the store.  With claims of low fat and vitamin fortification, it’s easy to fall prey to the marketing schemes of food suppliers.  However, these processed foods are often very deceiving.  When you think you are eating healthy you could… Read more »

Ways to Avoid Eating Junk Food

In today’s society, it isn’t difficult to grab a quick and unhealthy snack.  It seems as if every vending machine, every restaurant, and every grocery store aisle is a temptation to our health.  If you struggle with an addiction to junk food, follow these simple steps to recovery. Obesity is a true epidemic in America… Read more »

Lap Band & Band Fills from Advanced Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Frenzel, at Advanced Bariatric Surgery, is a double board certified as a Fellowship Trained Bariatric Surgeon and a Fellowship Trained Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon.  Specializing in bariatric surgery and post-bariatric reconstructive cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Frenzel performs weight loss surgery for those who have tried natural weight loss to no avail. For those who are… Read more »


*Actual weight loss results may vary based on the individual.

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