Gastric Bypass Procedure Patient Testimonial – Carli

I had a gastric bypass surgery done, and it has changed my entire life. I started at 305 pounds, and I have lost somewhere between 160-170 pounds depending on the day. It has changed my whole outlook on life so much that I can do now what I was unable to do before. The quality of life is unimaginably changed. I am able to be the kind of parent I have always wanted to be that I knew I wouldn’t be able to be at 305 pounds.

Just so many more activities that are open to me, and of course more self confidence. I am no longer the wall flower, and I no longer try to hide in the background anymore. If I had to do it over again every year, every year I would do it again. It has made such a big difference in my life.

I am fortunate to have found a position with Dr. Frenzel where I am able to marry my bariatric experience with the cosmetic experience. After my gastric surgery I was able to have cosmetic surgery and have excess skin removed so I am able to share my experience with patients and hopefully be an inspiration and a mentor to them.

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