Gastric Sleeve Procedure Testimonial – Abram

*Results may vary

I had a gastric sleeve done, I had it done about a year ago. My weight was 320 pounds. I had high blood pressure, I was borderline diabetic, and I had sleep apnea. I just decided to change my life for the better. Since the surgery I’ve lost 160 pounds. I don’t have high blood pressure anymore, I’m no longer borderline diabetic, and sleep apnea is gone.

Thank you very much Dr. Frenzel because now I can do whatever I want whenever I want. Before I wouldn’t even think about getting on rides at theme parks, now I go to a theme park and get on any ride I want without thinking “I wonder if I’ll fit in the seats.” Everything I do in life now is a lot easier. Thank you very much Dr. Frenzel for changing my life.


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