Gastric Sleeve Surgery Testimonial – Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah.  I had the gastric sleeve surgery and I lost 140 pounds in one year.  I chose weight loss surgery because I tried everything out there—I did weight watchers, I did all the crazy fad-diets—and everything ended up just making me gain more weight.  After I lost a little bit, I would gain more than what I started with.  Nothing was working for me.  Losing the weight and keeping it off, after weight loss surgery, is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.  And, I lost a lot of weight a lot faster than I thought it was going to be.  I thought, maybe, it would take me about two years to get where I am now—and it’s only been a year.

About three months after my surgery, whenever I was able to start doing races, I just started walking.  Then, I downloaded this app, zombie run app.  Listening to it, you just start running.  Whenever I started to run, I had this feeling of being free, that I never had before, and I was so much lighter.  With my second race, I had to have a 50 pound sand bag on my shoulders for two miles and I had recently just lost 50 pounds, at that time. So when I had it on me, it was the biggest emotional situation I had ever been in.  I threw it on the ground and I couldn’t believe how heavy that weight was and I was carrying that around all the time.

Life before weight loss surgery, I felt trapped.  All my pictures you could see my smile.  I thought I was happy, but now that I look at them, it looks like a fake smile, like I wasn’t really smiling.  I was so unhappy.

After losing that weight and after weight loss surgery I feel a lot better.  I’m a lot happier in my pictures, I’m really smiling.  I’m not just fake smiling because someone is taking a picture.

I chose Dr. Frenzel because I looked online and I read a lot of reviews for a lot of different doctors.  I went on a few different consultations with different doctors.  He was the only one that made me feel comfortable and safe and not like I was just another paycheck.  He answered all of my questions, he didn’t talk over me. He really listened to what I was trying to ask him.

The doctor staff at Dr. Frenzel’s is amazing.  They make me feel like I’m their best friend and I’m their family.  Every time I see them, I’m so excited to go to my doctor’s appointments because they’re all so nice and encouraging.  It’s nice to know that a lot of them had the same surgery that I did too, so that was another big reason that I came to his office as well.  I would do it again and again, every time.  I would not change this for the world.

*Actual weight loss results may vary based on the individual.


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