Lap Band Procedure Testimonial – Amy

*Results may vary

The procedure I had performed was the gastric sleeve, and at the beginning of my weight loss journey I weighed over 315 pounds. Since the gastric sleeve in November 2010 I have managed to lose of 130 pounds. I feel very healthy, and I think I look great. My confidence has soared to new heights. I am very happy with the outcome of my surgery.

The reason I chose Dr. Frenzel is because I did research a lot of doctors and a lot of different surgeries prior to having my procedure done and Dr. Frenzel was very young but he does a lot of different surgeries. He does a lot of cosmetic surgeries, and as I counted he does over 19 different surgeries. And so I felt very comfortable allowing him to do my surgery.

Dr. Frenzel has become my friend, and I think I am a patient he will never ever forget. Throughout this process he has become a great friend to me. I really appreciate him, I call him on his cell phone, and he is always there. He knows exactly who Monique is, he’s just a great person. Outside of the doctor’s office,  he’s a really good person. And I really do thank him for helping me to be the new me that I am.


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*Actual weight loss results may vary based on the individual.

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