Mansfield Lap Band & Realize Band

Mansfield Lap BandWith the innovative technology of bariatric and gastric surgery, if you live in Mansfield and you’re ready to transform your life, the lap band procedure is the perfect solution. The lap band surgery uses an adjustable gastric band to limit food intake. However, it does not interfere with normal digestion and is completely reversible. If you are interested in lap band and you are a Mansfield, Texas resident, contact Dr. Frenzel for a free consultation. After the lap band surgery, Mansfield residents will experience gradual weight loss, typically during the first two years.

The Realize band is an adjustable gastric band for surgical weight loss. Similar to the lap band, the Realize band has a wider range of adjustment to minimize stretching. Serving Mansfield residents, Dr. Frenzel has extensive training on the Realize band. During the surgery, a band is placed on the upper portion of the stomach, limiting food intake and causing a feeling of fullness. After the Realize band procedure, healthy eating habits are easier to obtain, as weight gradually decreases. If you are in Mansfield and you need to lose 50 pounds or more, the Realize band will assist you in your weight loss goals.

Dr. Frenzel, at Advanced Bariatric Surgery, wants to see his patients succeed in their weight loss goals. If you have tried other weight loss methods to no avail, consider bariatric surgery. The lap band and Realize band ensure weight loss success, reduced threats of obesity-related diseases and disorders, and more confidence. If you live in Mansfield and you’re ready to transform your life, physically and mentally, contact Dr. Frenzel and set up your one-on-one consultation. If you are in good mental health, have a BMI of 35 or above, are at least 18 years of age or greater, and are in the Mansfield area contact Dr. Frenzel today.


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Dr. Frenzel has helped numerous clients find confidence through use of a lap band or realize band. Watch their video testimonials and hear all about their experience.

If you are interested in a gastric through either a lap band or realize band, contact Dr. Frenzel and My Complete Transformation today for a free consultation.

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*Actual weight loss results may vary based on the individual.

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